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Citizens Advice is a campaigning organisation

People come to us with all sorts of issues. We see it as our responsibility not only to advise clients but to use what we know about their experiences to shape policy locally and nationally. We are independent and impartial.


evidence_cycleWe collect anonymous evidence of our clients’ problems and use these “case studies” as a basis for further research and campaign use.

What do we mean by ‘campaigning?’

Campaigning, activism, advocacy, influencing, voice, lobbying, policy work – are all different words that we use to describe ways of effecting change. All these words can be used to describe campaigning activity.

A campaign can be as simple as responding to a local consultation or writing a letter to your council leader or Member of Parliament. They may be small but a well-written letter can change minds, change policies and change lives.

Our national campaigns have …
  • made it easier to complete Employment Support Allowance application forms
  • put pressure on the Financial Conduct Authority who introduced tough new rules on payday lenders
  • influenced the government on childcare and universal credit
  • delivered better protection to 1.5 million residents at risk of bailiffs
… But more and more decisions are being made locally.

All political parties are committed to devolution and local authorities have increasing power to make decisions. This is an opportunity for local Citizens Advice to use their knowledge to support decision makers to make good local policy.

Anyone can be a campaigner

Sign up to be a Citizens Advice campaigner and we’ll let you know how you can get involved in our current campaigns.

For more information on Research and Campaigning, visit the Citizens Advice page: Citizens Advice website – campaigns