Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust: Promises to Older People

1st October 2016 was International Day of Older Persons and the Welsh Ambulance Services NHS Trust marked the occasion by launching its Promises to Older People.

They have put together a video to show all of the work they have been doing with and for Older People in Wales.

There are over 800,000 people in Wales aged 50+, over a quarter of the population. This will rise to over one million people in the next twenty years.

A large number of older people use their services regularly, either calling 999 or using our non emergency transport service for hospital appointments.

The Trust wants to make sure that the services they provide meet individual needs and that they have a good experience when in their care.

Read the full list of promises here http://www.ambulance.wales.nhs.uk/assets/documents/fa23f158-83da-45f1-87ec-cd2c6badde2f636107549718281728.pdf