Problemau dosbarthu parseli Nadolig – awgrymiadau

Christmas parcel delivery problems

The findings from Citizens Advice’s latest Consumer Advice Trends reveal that shoppers waste two and half hours trying to sort out problems with parcels that go missing, arrive late or arrive damaged.

Each delivery problem costs shoppers the equivalent of £30 due to the time spent tracking down parcels, lost working hours and failure to get refunds for missing or damaged goods.

Last year, visits to the charity’s advice pages on parcel deliveries peaked on the 18 December with a 60% increase on the previous month.

Top tips for sorting out delivery problems

Parcel hasn’t arrived?
  • If you gave the retailer a specific date your parcel should arrive by and it doesn’t turn up, you are entitled to a refund.
  • If you haven’t agreed a specific date but your item hasn’t turned up by the estimated delivery date, contact the retailer to find out where it is. They should give you a new estimate.
  • Ask if you can cancel the delivery if the new date the retailer gives you is too late.
  • If you do agree to a new delivery date but the item still late, you are entitled to a refund.
Parcel gone missing?
  • Is the retailer’s responsibility to make sure your item is delivered to you, and in good condition. If your parcel is left in a place you didn’t agree to and goes missing, they should replace it or refund you.
  • You can get a refund or replacement if it doesn’t turn up at all.
Item arrives damaged?
  • If the item is damaged when you open it, contact the retailer. They will be able to give you either a repair for the item, a replacement or a refund. You may be asked to provide photos of the damaged goods.

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