Consultation: Pensions Advice Allowance

This consultation seeks views on the UK government’s plans to allow people to use £500 tax free from their defined contribution pension pot to pay for retirement advice. This was recommended by the Financial Advice Market Review.

The UK government is committed to ensuring that consumers are supported in making good financial decisions. The pension flexibilities introduced in April 2015 gave savers the ability to access their hard earned pension savings flexibly, as best suits their needs. This means that many consumers have a wider range of options to consider when they reach retirement.

However, the high quality financial advice available in the UK is not always accessible or affordable for individuals with lower levels of wealth. The government therefore announced at Budget 2016 that, as recommended by the Financial Advice Market Review, it would consult on introducing a Pensions Advice Allowance. This would allow people to take £500 tax free from their defined contribution pension to redeem against the cost of financial advice.

This consultation sets out the government’s preferred design for this allowance. It also invites comments on this design and a number of outstanding policy questions.

This consultation closes at 26 October 2016 12:00am

View full details of the consultation and how to respond on the UK Government website