Byddwch yn ymwybodol o’ch hawliau

The 2016 National Consumer Week campaign – Switched On – is all about knowing what to do if an electrical item is unsafe or doesn’t work.

We want people to be #SwitchedOn to consumer rights and know they can ask for a refund, repair or replacement if something goes wrong with an electrical item. This is often called getting ‘consumer redress’.

Electrical items are anything that uses electricity, either plugged into the mains or battery powered – from tumble dryers and freezers to mobile phones and toys.

Citizens Advice is part of the Consumer Protection Partnership which runs National Consumer Week every year. This year consumer week is  28 November to 2 December.

Find out how you can get involved with National Consumer Week 2016, including resources to help raise awareness of consumer rights and product safety.

Read more about the campaign here:

National Consumer Week is being led by Citizens Advice, the Chartered Institute of Trading Standards and National Trading Standards with the support of the government department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).