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*Coronavirus / Covid 19 update* 17/4/2020

Thank you for your patience at this difficult time.

  • No one should fear getting ill or risk their health because they won’t be able to pay their bills

    That’s why @CitizensAdvice is urging the government to protect millions of workers who may be pushed into financial hardship during the #Coronavirus #Covid19 bit.ly/2vA6gZn

#CoronaVirus means many of us are spending more time online than before. This means it’s extra important to know how to avoid online scams 

Here’s 5 tips from @CitizensAdvice for avoiding coronavirus scams so you and your family can stay safe online 👉 bit.ly/2XktVZe

  • In response to the #CoronaVirus pandemic, @GOVUK has made some changes which could affect your #Benefits

💡 @CitizensAdvice has a new advice page outlining these changes and how they impact you 👉 bit.ly/3e0WAs2

  • ❗ If you think you’re in the #ExtremelyVulnerable category but you haven’t been contacted by the @NHS you should register with @GOVUK anyway

🍎 It can help you receive care or essential supplies like food

Find out more bit.ly/2UmeQUP

  • If you’re a victim of #DomesticViolence, there are lots of places you can look for support

Take a look on the @CitizensAdvice website for more information bit.ly/3e54vob

  • If you can’t pay your bills because of #CoronaVirus, you shouldn’t ignore them

📞 Speak to the organisation you owe money to 

🏦 Check with your bank or building society – they may be able to help

Our advice can help bit.ly/3dIrDJ7

If you’re looking for information on what #Coronavirus means for you, you can find updated advice on the @CitizensAdvice website #Covid19  https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/wales/health/coronavirus-what-it-means-for-you/

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